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My “Thank a Colleague” moment goes to Marie A. Marie is a fantastic woman who treats everyone like family. To see Marie at work, smiling, and greeting is a piece of heaven. Marie not only greets with a hug but she is so encouraging to everyone she meets. 

I expressed thanks to Marie for coming to work and creating a space where everyone feels warm and welcomed while in her presence. A lot of times, parents are coming to the Children’s hospital with heavy hearts, tears in their eyes, with displaced anger. Once they are greeted by Marie with the love she shares from her heart, the parents feel much better. While their child is hospitalized Marie brings so much joy and encouragement to so many. If I’m having a rough day, I can go see Marie and she makes me smile. Just being in her presence is always a pleasant experience. Watching Marie interact with the families and children that come through the lobby is a blessing to my soul. 

When I thanked Marie she said “Awe Loni baby, your welcome” and she continued talking. I turned to Marie and looked her in her eyes, thanking her from the bottom of my heart. I said – Marie seriously, I thank you for coming to work today and changing my world because you truly make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you.

Marie’s entire face lit up like a Christmas tree, and she was smiling from ear to ear. She responded by saying “Awe Loni baby, thank you that was so sweet of you to say that. You make Marie happy”. “Give your Marie a hug”.

We hugged and at that moment I realized that Marie received the gift of thanks I was sharing with her from the bottom of my heart. After sharing my thoughts of thanks with Marie I felt amazing. I was happy that I was able to share a thank you that changed my world in that moment.

– As told by Loni, a Guest Service Ambassador

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