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As the calendar approached the 4th of July, I thought to myself, this year would be a great time to experience the celebration of the holiday a little deeper by attending the local fireworks show. We packed a tote with a blanket, snacks and beverages and arrived early to find an ideal location to watch the display. As I sat on the blanket waiting for dusk to turn to night, I noticed technicians scurrying to make last minute preparations to assure the presentation would be an incredible experience for all sitting outside on the warm summer night.

Once the sky was filled with darkness, the magic began. The event was remarkable as vivid blasts of colors illuminated the sky at a consecutive pace and thunderous booms echoed off the nearby foothills while a carefully synchronized blend of patriotic melodies filled the air. What a beautiful evening!

As those around us expressed their wonderment with ooh’s and ahh’s, my thoughts turned to the orchestration of the event, the planning of the pyrotechnics, the people, the equipment and specifically, what goes into the actual firework; the fuse, the gunpowder, elements like zinc, aluminum, potassium and phosphorus to create color and spark. Alone, each of these items has a purpose, yet when brought together it creates a marvelous display of light and sound that are more than simply viewed, they are felt within our senses.

Our healthcare teams are much like the fireworks. Individually, each member has a unique ability to make a difference. Brought together, the strengths of each are magnified into pure magnificence when each person builds upon what is already done well. How can we help our teams see the greatness within themselves?

As Patient Experience Leaders each of us have the ability to create experiences for those we work with each day.

Shine a light upon their magnificence
Help them see their best self
Help them understand the significance of what they can do together.

Each of us have the capacity to light up the sky and change a world.

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