With a strong focus on the therapeutic relationship, empathy and communication skill development, The hArt of Medicine® centers its approach to improving the healthcare experience – for both the patient and the clinician – by engaging and empowering clinicians to rediscover their own ability to ‘change a world’.

There are three phases of learning that exist within each workshop; Discover, Experience & Create. Embedded within each phase are exercises that engage and offer each participant new approaches to practice, experience and discover the personal and patient benefits of a ‘new way of being’.

The experiential and reflective exercises are designed to enlighten, inspire and motivate the clinician into trying out new ideas and concepts that can be easily integrated into their practice, and set the stage for an impactful observational coaching experience.

The hArt of Medicine – 5 Experiential Learning Modules

Each module represents and begins with a scientifically, research based framework, for the area of focus. The science is supported by effective components of patient-centered theory. Through experiential exercises, observation and reflection, the participant understands how to enhance their own empathy and communication skills to create a therapeutic relationship. The program closes with a commitment from the participant to transfer their learning into the hArt of their interactions.

The hArt of What People Are Saying

“I want you to know that in my short career I have had a few very profound experiences that have shaped the way I practice and how I “see myself in this world”. I can honestly say that the time I have been lucky enough to spend around you ranks among the top. It changed the way I saw myself as a doctor, how I saw my patients, and reminded me of how lucky and blessed I am to have the chance to do the work I do. I can honestly say I am a better physician and person to have known you.” — Dan Arguello, MD, Emergency Medicine

“Diane’s gift to inspire and educate others has changed my perspective on the patient experience and encouraged me to be the vector of encouragement in all situations. Her lessons and positive influence are invaluable.” – Sondra Andersen, PA-C, Emergency Medicine