Utilizing a strengths-based approach, and aligned with the principles of positive reinforcement, the observational coaching experience centers on observing & exploring with the participant, their strengths, behaviors & actions that manifest into positive therapeutic interactions.

The practice of ‘turning your observer on’ is essential to creating awareness of self, colleagues and patients; noticing the impact attitudes, actions, and behaviors have on the therapeutic relationship.

Working directly with the clinician at the bedside, the one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to bring awareness to the clinician’s strengths in communicating and connecting with the patient, as well as, how these influence creating an encounter that is meaningful and productive to the clinician and the patient.

Each observed communication skill is documented and noted during the patient encounter with their specific sentence or phrase used. This facilitates the clinician’s understanding and comprehension of how the skill was integrated into the patient interaction. By bringing attention, in ‘real time’ to what is observed, the clinician becomes more aware of their own behavior and actions, leading to conscious, intentional practice of incorporating the skills/techniques into their next patient encounter – laying the foundation for consistent practice.

The participant is given their personal report which highlight those communication skills demonstrated during the coaching session. This report plays a key role in the workshop where they are asked to share examples of ‘what they do well’ promoting an environment where they ‘learn from each other’. They are also asked to ‘Choose to Commit’ and share with the group their intentions and commitments for going forward. The learning and experience shared by the group is fundamental to creating continued, consistent positive experiences.

The hArt of What People Are Saying

“I use the workshop learnings every day. My patient satisfaction scores are at 100%, I attribute my scores to many pearls I gleaned from our sessions, particularly the shadow experience…The group meetings stretched over time allowed me to look within myself and gain insight on my own thoughts and behavior. I saw a different side of my colleagues and gained a new understanding of what is important to each of us, which not only improves patient care and it’s rewards but also enhances our relationship at work.”
– Pauline Goss, PA-C