The hArt of Medicine® program is designed to engage the clinician in creating therapeutic relationships and improving their communication and empathy skills through a unique experiential learning approach. The program is tailored to support the clinical practice needs of each healthcare specialty; including physicians / providers, nursing, and joint team workshops.

The program centers its approach to improving the healthcare human experience – for both the patient and the clinician – by engaging and empowering clinicians to rediscover their own ability to ‘make a difference’.

Our programs are infused with energy, interaction and encouragement and focus on creating therapeutic relationships & positive experiences using a strengths-based, person centered coaching approach.

Central to the program is the ability to create awareness – connected to purpose & meaning – that lead to the clinician choosing (rather than being ‘told’) a ‘better way’ to connect and interact with their patients.

We also offer a program to develop internal coaching competencies (aka train the trainer) to support the learning, awareness and improvements across the organization.

Diane’s style, energy and passion capture audiences and invites participation aimed at inspiring, motivating and empowering the clinician to rediscover their own ability to ‘make a difference’.

She is known for her positive, collaborative, strengths-based leadership style, encouraging individuals & organizations to “think differently” to create effective, inventive solutions designed to transform care delivery.

As a Certified Professional Coach, Diane works with clients to assist them in discovering their own ability to achieve new potentials… new levels of fulfillment, performance and learning. Having coached more than 500 physicians and healthcare professionals within the clinical practice setting, she places a particular focus around creating positive experiences for both the patient and the professional. She utilizes a strengths based approach, observing and exploring what strengths and behaviors manifest in positive interactions – bringing this awareness to the clinician’s consciousness and allowing for further intention and choice.

Diane works with and supports The Beryl Institute as a faculty member, facilitating virtual classroom sessions, topic calls and workshops.

Diane is a Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP).

As President of Contagious Change® LLC and developer of The hArt of Medicine®, she assists healthcare organizations in delivering excellent patient care. She specializes in engaging leaders, physicians and nursing teams to create positive experiences, operational efficiency and quality patient care.

Spend time with Diane and you will experience her unique strengths and discover that HUGS are her signature.

Diane believes ‘everyone has the capacity to change a world’. Whether the world is the physical space we occupy, or a moment in an individual’s life; we all have the ability to create positive energy that brings about amazing, contagious change. Her work, her passion and her approach centers on helping others to see & create those change a world moments – it’s the only thing that really matters.