Leading hArtfully™ is at the core of transformative change; Connecting & Equipping staff with skills and awareness, Operationalizing actions, attitudes and behaviors, and Culturalizing a ‘way of BEING’ into the infrastructure of the organization (e.g. Policies, Procedures and Practices). It is the vital thread to creating a patient centered, employee engaged caring culture.

Leading hArtfully™ introduces coaching as a leader competency, developing leaders to ‘hold up the mirror’ to staffs’ strengths, qualities and characteristics – to shine a light on their individual magnificence; caring for their patients, families and colleagues.

Central to the Leading hArtfully™ workshops is the notion that influencing caring interactions with patients and families lies in the leader’s ability to contribute to a sense of well-being with staff and colleagues – in other words – creating therapeutic relationships.

The core conditions necessary to create therapeutic relationships are explored, linking leader behaviors and expectations to Unconditional Positive Regard, Congruence and Empathy. Emphasis is placed on heightening and creating positive potential through ‘turning your observers on’ and ‘changing the conversation’

Much attention is given to individual (vs. organizational) change; introducing the E’s (Enlighten, Explode, Energize, Engage, Encourage, Experience, Excite, Evolve.) necessary to engage the clinician in a journey of discovery and change.

E’s = mC² : Engagement = Meaningful Contagious Change™