The hArt of Medicine® program is designed to create a powerful, positive and personal human interaction that sets the stage for an organizational culture which fosters exceptional healthcare experiences for patients, families and caregivers.

A Unique Approach

We take a personal approach in nurturing and developing human interactions, by taking the participants on a facilitative journey that develops insight into their own styles and ways of communicating and connecting.

With an emphasis on improving the clinician experience, our unique approach promotes new attitudes and behaviors through increased awareness, connection to purpose, and available choices that positively influence the patient encounter and the clinician’s experience.

A Dynamic Experience

The hArt of Medicine® is designed to engage the participant into a dynamic experience focused on remembering why they went into healthcare and rediscovering their own ability to ‘make a difference’.

Embedded within each workshop are experiential and reflective exercises that engage and offer each participant new approaches, ideas and concepts that can be easily integrated into their practice, and set the stage for an impactful, positive experience.

The hArt of Medicine® workshops gets to the hArt of the experience… the interaction and relationship patients, family and clinicians have with each other. The interactive & facilitative format supports team building within, and across, physician, nursing and leadership teams.

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Utilizing a strengths-based approach, and aligned with the principles of positive reinforcement, the coaching experience centers on observing & exploring with the clinician, their strengths, behaviors & actions that manifest into positive therapeutic interactions.

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The coach development programs introduces foundational coaching principles and practices to promote new awareness, meaning and choices the participants discover within the program.

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Central to the leadership development workshops is the notion that influencing caring interactions with patients and families lies in the leader’s ability to contribute to a sense of well-being with staff and colleagues – in other words – creating therapeutic relationships.

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The hArt of What People Are Saying

“The hArt of Medicine is a very unique program. The program’s success is due to its ability to encourage the individual to step away from the day to day operations and truly reflect on why they got into healthcare. The focus on all of the positives that are going on helps provide perspective of the great work that occurs here on a daily basis. I think the ED staff appreciated going through this because it took the time to discuss the employee and reflect on them individually.” — Vikas Ghayal, Executive Director, Emergency & Therapeutic Services